About the Architect

Panama City Architect, Mark MercerTired of the lack of freedom and control over the design process, Mark Mercer & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1989 by architect Mark Mercer as a departure from the setting of a larger firm. Since opening its doors, MMA, Inc. has enjoyed the success of being one of Bay County’s most respected architecture establishments.

Aside from the beautiful, quality craftsmanship of design, MMA, Inc. continues to service repeat clients due to the undaunted dedication of the architect to client interaction and satisfaction. He wants for his customers to understand that in choosing MMA, Inc., they have direct access to the architect. There are no unknowledgeable third parties. This unrestricted access enables the formation of trust and friendships that in turn better meet the needs of customers.

MMA, Inc. provides complete architectural services to meet the needs of its clients. This includes both commercial and residential drawings. Over the past several years, the architect has realized his personal partiality to design church buildings and structures. This has led to his specializing in religious architectural design.

Experience coupled with integrity and individualized attention has driven Mark Mercer & Associates, Inc. for many years. The passion to achieve customer satisfaction will continue to drive the firm into the future.