Exciting News

Things are going great here at Mark Mercer & Associates, Inc. and we could not be more excited. We’ve got some wonderful news to share. First, we’ve launched a brand new website to showcase our work and to tell you a little more about our company. Second, we’re moving to a great new location that will be easier for our clients to access and help our company expand for the future.

New Website

To kick things off, this is our new website, which has a much cleaner and modern look than the previous site.

Projects and related imagery are now the focus, so it should be much easier to view our work. Straight from the front page, the new website features big, colorful images of the types of projects we specialize in. Project pages now have information like addresses, testimonials, and slideshow galleries for easily viewing pictures.

It’s now much easier to schedule an appointment: simply click “Schedule Appointment” in the upper-right of the page and fill out the form. Based on availability, we will respond with a time that works.

Our new blog will showcase the projects that we are currently working on. Best of all, the new website and all of its features are now fully responsive, meaning the site will look great no matter what device you are using.

New Location

In other news, we’re moving to a new location off of Jenks Avenue. This new, more centralized location should be easier to reach and allow us to grow in the future. The renovation for the location is nearly complete, and we should be able to move into the new space in the coming weeks.